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Emergency Plumber in Las Vegas

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Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. Breakdowns of systems may happen at any time. Something may go wrong in the plumbing, electrical or other systems at the most unexpected times. At those times you must be able to find the right emergency plumber in Las Vegas to attend to the problem and handle the situation at any time of the day.

Though there are many Plumbing companies operating in the Las Vegas area, we at Raptor Plumbing are truly your emergency plumbing service. We are available 24/ 7 and all 365 days of the year. This makes us the real Emergency plumbers in Las Vegas and you can count on us to arrive promptly and take control of the emergency situation without loss of time.

We have well-trained and professionally qualified technical teams of experienced plumbers waiting for your call any time of the day to fix the issue at the earliest. We help you restore normalcy in your home with

  • 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service
  • Handling of all types of plumbing emergencies
  • Can handle all types of situations
  • Fast, reliable, and transparent services
  • Ability to handle any size of the project
  • Licensed and insured Plumbing Personnel

So, we are your best emergency plumbers in Las Vegas for your home or office at any time of the day.

Plumbing for a New Construction

Plumbing is one of the vital systems in your household, and your entire household revolves around your plumbing for the supply and management of water at all the required places in your house. If you are building a new home, you must ensure that the plumbing system is installed by an experienced and qualified team of professionals.

This ensures that all the elements that make up the plumbing system in your new home are installed in compliance with the latest regulations in force for your location. This also ensures the use of the right type of materials, the latest equipment, and the right type of fixtures for a robust and reliable plumbing system that performs trouble-free for years to come.

The plumbing in the new home must be done in such a way that

  • All the individual plumbing elements are installed right and functions well
  • The plumbing system is capable of handling all kinds of situations
  • The plumbing system is able to withstand and operate normally even in cases of grave situations

Get rid of that metallic taste in water through water softener installation

In Las Vegas, 85 percent of homes use hard water that contains an excess of a metallic content and other harmful substances like excessive calcium, magnesium, etc. You can remove these unwanted substances from the water you are using by installing a water softener and make your water soft and safe to use.

The Hard water that you get from your utility supplier, or from your well is not good for your

  • Skin and hair as hard water makes you use more soap and shampoo
  • Appliances as there will be scaling inside the equipment and pipes carrying water
  • Pocket as hard water makes you spend more money on hot water as it heats slowly than soft water

We help you select the right type of water softener with the latest timer/ meter control units. We will discuss with you and help you in selecting the electrical or non-electrical model for use of the right type of block or tablet salt as per the model of the water softener installed in your home.

Improve water quality with Reverse osmosis water filtration systems

Your household needs good quality water not only for drinking purposes but also for other purposes. You can vastly improve the quality of water by installing a Reverse Osmosis based water filtration system. This gives the purest form of drinking water and prevents waterborne diseases by completely removing the harmful microorganisms.

These units are designed to remove the excess minerals and other harmful dissolved impurities from the water. Once you have decided to invest in a Reverse Osmosis system, we can help you select the right model of the unit as per your requirements, test and install the unit as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We also make sure that the unit functions at peak efficiency so that you are able to get the maximum benefit from the unit. After installation, we ensure that the total dissolved solids ( TDS) levels are within the permissible limits.

Apart from installation and testing we also undertake periodical preventive maintenance and help in servicing the Reverse Osmosis unit for reliable and efficient functioning for your family’s health.

Drain and Sewer Services through Sewer camera in Las Vegas

Drains and Sewers are an important part of the plumbing system in your home. These are necessary for removing the wastewater from your home in a convenient and hygienic manner. So, drain and sewer maintenance is one of the most important services for us as your Plumber in Las Vegas.

We undertake regular drain and Sewer inspections to prevent major problems and help you maintain them all around the year. We offer trust, reliability in maintaining your drainage system.

We offer:

  • Repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance of sewer lines
  • Cleaning of drains and Sewers by professionals with the state of the art equipment
  • Drain and Sewer pipe assessment with Video Pipeline inspection
  • Replacement of pipes due to aging, environmental elements, corrosion, etc
  • Ensuring the free flow of water in your drains through scour jetting
  • Installation and maintenance of sewer ejector pumps

Water heater installation in Las Vegas

A water heater is a critical appliance in your home. This is the one that gives the comfort of hot water throughout your home all around the year. As such, your water heater needs regular maintenance, and this preventive type of maintenance offered by us helps to enhance the level of reliability of your water heater.

As your plumbing company, we help you in selecting the right brand and model of the water heater as per your specific requirements. In most cases, Water heaters powered by natural gas are preferred while electrically powered water heaters are also in wide use. We install the water heaters and make them operate normally.

Our regular service of the water heater at fixed intervals is done by trained professional plumbers to ensure trouble-free service for a long time to come. Thus, you can trust Raptor Plumbing if you are living in Las Vegas and surrounding areas and we are waiting for your call all the 24X7, 365 days to offer our Plumbing services to you.

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