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Serious warning signs of broken pipes

Broken pipes are one of the most common plumbing emergencies. They can cause water to seep through walls, flood your home, and lead to costly repairs and major health hazards. Broken pipes also leak water that may not be visible. Here are some of the most common signs of a broken pipe in your home.

  1. Skyrocketing Water Bill

    A skyrocketing water bill is a common sign that you have a broken plumbing line somewhere in your home. A broken pipe is shown by the bill going up in price, not just going up in cost. Many times, the increase in your water bill will be gradual over several months and even years

  2. A decrease in Water Pressure

    A decrease in water pressure is another common sign of a broken pipe. An abrupt drop in your water pressure can cause you to experience frequent flushes and other issues that may not be easily noticed.

  3. Water Damage

    This is a sign that a broken pipe may have been through your walls and ceilings. Water damage can also be caused by water incursion; that is, water leakage through small gaps and cracks in your foundation, walls, floors, or drainpipes. In most cases, the leak occurs below the surface so you cannot see where it has occurred.

  4. Whistling Pipes

    Some plumbing pipes, especially copper ones, can vibrate and whistle as the water passes through them. In the video below, a reporter demonstrates this phenomenon with a special device called a "whistler," which you can use to hear the sound of your own pipes (and coax out waterborne rodents, as well).

  5. Dirty Water

    Most of the time, dirty water from a broken pipe is a clear indication that there is a broken line somewhere in your home. However, there have been cases where people have reported seeing black or dark brown water from their faucets. This usually indicates that the line has been broken for a long time and there are rust particles in the water because of the frequent exposure to oxygen.

  6. Stinky Smells

    Most times, broken pipes release bad odors that you may not be able to pinpoint. If you notice a strong or unusual odor in your home, it may be a sign that there is a leak somewhere and the odor is coming from the pipes.

  7. Soft Spots in Your Yard

    Newly discovered soft spots in your yard can be a sign that a pipe is broken and the water is seeping into the ground. If you have recently noticed some soft spots in your yard, it might not be waterlogged grass. It could actually be a waterlogged lawn because of a broken pipe. Take some time to examine the area and look for wet, damp soil that has roots growing through it.

In case you suspect that there is a broken pipe somewhere in your house and all of the signs identified above give you a clue, it is better to take immediate actions and get your emergency plumping service right away. It only takes 15 minutes to find out if you have a broken pipe or not. You can call any emergency plumber in Las Vegas before waiting for another service call.