Water Softeners Installation in Las Vegas, NV

Hard water is a common problem prevalent at
most locations and in Las Vegas,
more than 85 percent of homes and
Las Vegas water softeners help in
reducing the problems caused by hard water.

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Water Softeners Installation in Las Vegas, NV

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Hard water is a common problem prevalent at most locations and in Las Vegas, more than 85 percent of homes and Las Vegas water softeners help in reducing the problems caused by hard water.

The hard water is what you get in your municipal water supply or from your well with excessive dissolved mineral substances like calcium, magnesium, etc. These substances, though not hazardous to use in your home, give a bad metallic taste to your water.

Besides this, the bad effects of hard water include

  • Clogging of plumbing system preventing the proper supply of water due to hardened deposit of the mineral substances and scaling inside the pipes and water fixtures
  • Causing excessive corrosion of pipes and water fixtures leading to costly plumbing repairs and failure of your equipment
  • Causing skin problems and making you use more soap and shampoo
  • Making your hair look dull due to the hardness of water
  • Making water heater and other water-related equipments operate at lower efficiency and make you spend more money on energy costs

To get rid of all these bad effects of hard water you have to install a water softener for your home. The water softener is equipment that effectively removes the excess of all the dissolved mineral substances that make the water hard to use.

We help you with the right water softener installation in Las Vegas by installing the best Las Vegas water softeners with timer and meter control features. There are many models of water softeners and as a homeowner; you may not know which model is good for your home. As professional water softener installers in Las Vegas, we will select the right type of electrical or non-electrical water softener for your home.

Types of Salt for Your Softener

Depending on the actual field conditions at your home we as your water softeners installers in Las Vegas will guide you in the selection of crystals, pellets, cubes and blocks for getting the best performance from your water softener.

If you fail to install a water softener in your home even after seeing the clear signs of hard water deposits in your pipes, and other plumbing fixtures, it may lead to costly repairs shortly. The dissolved minerals in the hard water pose a great danger to your entire plumbing system over time and the threat to your plumbing lines grows with time.

Effects of Hard Water

The bad effects of the hard water may range from a small annoyance like reduced water pressure in your pipelines to highly destructive complete clogging or corrosion of the pipelines. The hard water causes cloudy water spots on the sinks, dishes, bathtubs, shower enclosures, etc. Besides this, the hard water also interferes with your daily life by reducing the lathering and rinse-ability of the detergent, body soap, and shampoos you use in your bathroom.

Hard water has its bad effects on all your appliances in your home like showerheads, icemakers, washing machines, water heaters, boilers, dishwashers, etc. Though, the hard water deposits may look insignificant in the starting, as time passes these deposits harden inside the pipes and fixtures and lead to severe scaling clogging pipes, seizing valves, plugging aerators, and blocking showerheads.

Hard Water Goes Unchecked

If you fail to take corrective steps by installing Las Vegas water softeners, the deposits reduce the space inside the pipelines and put undue pressure on the entire plumbing system. Are you unsure of the quality of water you are using in your home, you can get it checked in a certified water-testing laboratory.

The report will give the amount of calcium and magnesium but also give the quantities of other harmful chemicals like nitrates, chlorine, sodium, and disease-causing microbes like bacteria.

You can also go for an in-house test kit to monitor the quality of water. But, it is always better to seek the professional help of a good Las Vegas water softener installation to remove all the harmful chemicals from your water and make it more suitable for your use. Installation of a good water softener is the right way to tackle the common and potentially serious problem of hard water.

The modern water softeners are very affordable and have a long life and can give good service with little maintenance.

Installation of Water Softener

You can install a whole house water softener of the right size in your basement, garage, or utility closet. A water softener consists of a tall narrow water softener tank and a short, wide brine tank. The softener tank is connected to the main water inlet, and a drain pipe is drawn to a drain to take away the wastewater from the water softener. The softener tank is filled with resin beads and the brine tank is filled with salt pellets or potassium chloride pellets.

Modern water softeners work on the principle of ion exchange. In this process the minerals of calcium, magnesium are negatively charged and are attracted by the resin beads in the tank. Thus, the minerals that make your water hard are removed and soft water flows into your home.

Thus, if you are in Las Vegas and facing the ill effects of hard water, call us for the best Las Vegas Water Softener installation, and we have completed many water softener installations in Las Vegas to the complete satisfaction of our customers.